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Reed Slatkin Bankruptcy Data Collection
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Slatkin Depos to Start week of November 14th: By the previous Riblet order Danning will begin. Background check required to be present which takes some time.

Final Summary Judgment Hearing set for February: 21 defendants have been sued for a final judgement. Many have settled and the few remaining will face summary judgement at the end of February.

Partial Summary Judgments briefs due: Defendants appealing the partial summary judgement order to Lew have a few days to get their papers filed or join with Danning Gill.

Sept-JUDGE LEW DENIES STAY- Danning Gill appealed to Lew to stay the Plan of Reorganization. In the decision Lew stated the "Appellants have demonstrated that there are serious questions to be addressed on appeal."- order. The issues in part revolve around discovery, notification and examination of witnesses, production of documents and rules and procedures of law.

Bryan Cave Settles: The law firm of Bryan Cave paid 650k to the trustee to settle a lawsuit with the estate regarding their inability to realize and detect Slatkin's fraudulent business activity.

Sept-TAXES: Because Slatkin generated large capital gain, interest and dividend tax obligations, some defendants never kept more than a fraction of the money they received. They are in the unfortunate position of being sued for money they transferred to the IRS and state taxing authorities. So far refunds have been sparse and the IRS memo on tax treatment is confusing. This amounts to a difficult scenario for manywho have been sued for 2 to 4 times the money they kept after tax payments. While the amounts some defendants are sued for run from the hundreds of thousands into the millions, this is over a 7 year period and millions in taxes were paid on the income reported which will not be recoverable.


First Distribution: The trustee has made the first distribution from the liquidating trust of approximately 4.5% of the accepted claim. This is to be the first of several payments.

Sept 2-Slatkin Sentenced: Slatkin was sentenced to 14 years in prison and will get credit for the 500 days in prison He must serve 85% of the sentence. This calculates to 10.5 more years and a 2114 release of a 64 year old Slatkin. Janu is in final stages of her plea and McMullin and Jacobs await a Nov sentencing date. Slatkininfo believes Mr. Slatkin belongs in jail for a substantial amount of time for the harm he has caused. Comments were made at sentencing about his being less than forthcoming about the whereabouts of personal assets and the reason for hundreds of European phone calls (see Slatkinfo hopes for further recovery of foreign and personal assets. Slatkininfo has always maintained Mr. Slatkin committed financial fraud on all involved and should serve a long sentence.



June- 2nd Judge Lew Accepts Interlocutory Appeal of the Partial Summary Judgment on Intent to Defraud.

District Court Judge Lew to hear the appeal on the Partial Summary Judgment.





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